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President's Message Third Quarter 2021

President's Message Third Quarter 2021


Presidents' 3rd Quarter 2021 Tri-Star Message

by Don Klug

    Summer is in full bloom in the Finger Lakes Region with Mercedes Benz Club ‘get-togethers’ and the fun of enjoying our cars and relishing each other’s company. We had a sun filled afternoon of enjoyment at the Sonnenberg Gardens Car Show in June (see page 3-4) and a few braved the rain at our annual picnic at Red Kosinski’s home in Scottsville on July11th (see page 6). Fortunately, we escaped the rains and celebrated under the roof of Red’s huge garage and all had an entertainment filled afternoon of hilarity and fellowship. Thank you Red, for sharing your home as a destination for our annual picnic over many years!! The MBCA event of the year is Mercedes Freude, National’s newest event, which is to be held in Hilton Head, South Carolina November 2nd-7th (see pages 9-11).

  Member Ethan Fogg is investigating a drive-in afternoon event for mid- August to early September, planned to match us up with at least one other area German car club. A restaurant lunch and a drive for ice cream will be the afternoons ‘flavor’. Sounds like fun to me! A repeat of our fall color tour of last October is scheduled for an October 2nd drive from Cortland to Skaneateles (see page 2 for details) and plans are percolating for our annual club business meeting in mid-November. We all look forward to seeing more of each other, in person, very soon.

   The section will keep you posted with messages from Oscar and Peggy, our newsletter editors extraordinaire, with the details as they focus. This is a great opportunity to ask the question, ‘Where would we be as a club if not for Oscar and Peggy Lopez Raffo?’  Their selfless volunteer efforts have kept our whole club membership informed and communicating with our Tri-Star newsletter throughout a very trying and unusual period. Oscar and Peggy, thank you and we are grateful for a job very well done.

   Have you been dreaming or pondering of an activity that you think the club would enjoy or even a fundraising activity where the dollars get donated to a charity?  Ideas and champions are always sought for events that you and fellow club members find entertaining; we welcome your input. After all, club events, fellowship, and shared stories concerning our beautiful cars are the reason for a car club.  Your thoughts are always welcome and may be shared by contacting President Don at [email protected] or Peggy &Oscar at  [email protected]

Happy driving,

Section President Don Klug 



Finger Lakes
Donald Klug